Random Thought Wednesday

Ever since Twitter came along, I don’t really have random thoughts. I have tweets. But occasionally, my random thoughts are longer than 140 characters, which is why I haul off and do things like this.

* I have been watching entirely too much television. So much so, that there is now not a single episode of CSI or Law & Order that I have not seen.

* Somehow, I do not find the above to be as pathetic as I should.

* I am attempting to teach myself calligraphy. I don’t recall writing to have been this difficult the first time.

* I have decided to start this P90x program. It apparently involves dieting and working out (possibly until you pass out or throw up), the latter of which causes something called “muscle confusion”. Which, in my case, is confusion caused by the fact that we’ve done very little moving in the past year, and now I’m trying to strain every muscle I have with lots of moving.

* The baby now has cut her first tooth. Someone remind me of the screaming and no sleep that we endured during the last month to get to this point, next time I start having uterine twinges.

* I am almost ready to start the big planning for Frosting for Good. This is super exciting for me.

* I need a laptop. Blogging from my phone is nice and all, but I’m pretty sure I’m close to capacity with all of the apps I’ve crammed on this thing. Plus, my thumbs hurt. So if anyone knows of a good deal on apple laptops, hit me up. 🙂

Ok, I have to stop because Chuck is screaming “DADA” in her crib, and Dada does not seem to be responding.

happy hump day, my little monkeys!


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