Thanks PayPal! *insert sarcasm here*

So I got a notice yesterday from my bank account that I never use. (I put money in there every month to pay for my Zibbet account. So I must have it hooked to my PayPal to do so.)
They say I owe them $175 in overdraft fees for two transactions that PayPal charged to my account. 2 times each. Plus an additional charge for excessive late fees from my bank. (UPDATE: PAYPAL CHARGED THESE TRANSACTIONS AGAIN LAST NIGHT, FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF $245 IN NSF FEES AND LATE FEES)
Funny thing is that I specifically added a credit card to charge these two transactions, and verified that PayPal would charge it. Apparently, since it’s my Chef’s (my fiance) card and we don’t have the same last name, they decided they wouldn’t accept it, and started charging my bank account for the $10 and $7 items I purchased on eBay.
And now, PayPal is saying that they’re considering my transactions as “rejected”, and informing the sellers for these items that I have not paid for the items.
I just checked the PayPal account, and the credit card is listed, but they won’t charge it.
Hey PayPal, do you think you could maybe do me a solid and answer your customer service emails in a timely manner? That would be great.
UPDATED: Bank of America is the greatest bank ever, besides our local credit union (which rocks). They refunded all $245 that PayPal incurred on my account. With no hesitation at all.
Hey PayPal, your turn to fix your end! 😀
**Can someone please tell me how to put spaces between the paragraphs? It’s driving me bananas…I feel like I’m trying to learn to drive a stick shift all over again, trying to fix this blog 🙂

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  1. Mike Boozer
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 16:58:47

    great stuff, I like the website

    -Mike Boozer,


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