Thanks PayPal! *insert sarcasm here*

So I got a notice yesterday from my bank account that I never use. (I put money in there every month to pay for my Zibbet account. So I must have it hooked to my PayPal to do so.)
They say I owe them $175 in overdraft fees for two transactions that PayPal charged to my account. 2 times each. Plus an additional charge for excessive late fees from my bank. (UPDATE: PAYPAL CHARGED THESE TRANSACTIONS AGAIN LAST NIGHT, FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF $245 IN NSF FEES AND LATE FEES)
Funny thing is that I specifically added a credit card to charge these two transactions, and verified that PayPal would charge it. Apparently, since it’s my Chef’s (my fiance)┬ácard and we don’t have the same last name, they decided they wouldn’t accept it, and started charging my bank account for the $10 and $7 items I purchased on eBay.
And now, PayPal is saying that they’re considering my transactions as “rejected”, and informing the sellers for these items that I have not paid for the items.
I just checked the PayPal account, and the credit card is listed, but they won’t charge it.
Hey PayPal, do you think you could maybe do me a solid and answer your customer service emails in a timely manner? That would be great.
UPDATED: Bank of America is the greatest bank ever, besides our local credit union (which rocks). They refunded all $245 that PayPal incurred on my account. With no hesitation at all.
Hey PayPal, your turn to fix your end! :D
**Can someone please tell me how to put spaces between the paragraphs? It’s driving me bananas…I feel like I’m trying to learn to drive a stick shift all over again, trying to fix this blog :)

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  1. Mike Boozer
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 16:58:47

    great stuff, I like the website

    -Mike Boozer,


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