Effing Friday June 18 Edition

Today was an odd day…woke up at the normal time, but about an hour into the morning, my back started spasming, and the backs of my eyeballs felt raw.

So I handed off the baby to Chef, and passed out for 3-1/2 hours of coma-like sleep.

And I don’t nap.

Must have been a little catch-up from Monday’s procedure.

Anyhoo, went shopping with the MIL and she ended up telling me a bunch of stories about Chef when he was little, and a pretty great anecdote about catching a foreign exchange student growing pot in the bedroom closet.

And the pool set-up begins…the thing must weigh a hundred pounds, and it’s a whole lot bigger than I thought! But we got a life jacket for Chuck, do it should be fun.

If it ever gets set up.


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