Fuck Cancer. For serious.

For those of you not following my incessant babbling on twitter, I found out today that I have cancer.

it was kind of an odd experience…me, sitting there pants-less with a piece of wax paper stuck to my butt, covering my bits with a sheet that has the transparency of tracing paper while my nerdy doctor tells me that my baby-making equipment has malfunctioned and is trying to kill me.

the conversation went something like this:

me: so what was the result of the pathology thingy?

doc: uh…..well….

me: I have cancer, don’t I.

doc: well, we removed the [medical terminology I don’t remember], but the pathologist found a [more medical crap I don’t recall, that included the term “micro cell invasion”].

me: the army is marching through my cervix?

doc: [trying to be serious] the cells are…

me: (totally interrupting) I have cancer.

doc: yeah.

me: (giggling uncontrollably) ok, so now what?

doc: [lots of words I wasn’t listening to] and in 2 wks when the 2nd opinion comes back, we’ll send you to the oncologist, and she’ll most likely recommend a hysterectomy.

me: ……

doc: so let’s take a look.

I’ll spare you the rest.

So i told Chef, and he switched into Super Helpful mode and spent most of today distracting me and making me laugh. which is awesome.

I tell Mommy Dearest, and she gets mad at me. My family is so messed up. She is under the impression that somehow this is my fault.


And then she proceeds to tell me that I shouldn’t tell anyone but my closest friends about this and that I need to take down the facebook post because her FRIENDS can SEE IT and that is not something they need to know, for god’s sake!

so I deleted it, AND all of her friends 🙂

question for today: would you tell your internet friends if you had cancer? would you be ok with your kids telling theirs (after they told you, of course)?


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Juline
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 21:17:33

    I’m a six-year cervical cancer survivor. Ask me anything. It’s not anything to be ashamed of, to be hidden. You have to talk about it to fight it!


  2. NerdRage42
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 21:43:41

    OK…so…let me get this straight…you’re not suppose to tell anyone because….we shouldn’t know that people EVER get cancer?!?!

    How else should we handle it? With support! Awareness, so one day we can kick this disease in the cunt! So-to-speak.


  3. Michelle
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 00:24:51

    I do think you tell people… cancer is one of the things in life that when you hide it you feed it. We need to talk about it and ALL of us work together to fight it. We need to share our experiences and give our support and shoulders and ears. We need to pass around the tissue box and put on our boxing gloves. To answer the question.. yes I would tell my friends.. anyone who knew me would know.. and yes my kids can tell whoever they want. You are an adult now.. you are a mom… there was no need for you to delete any comment you made .. on your page.. about your life… if her or her friends do not like it.. they can delete you… but chances are… more of her friends than she even knows has/is dealing with cancer in one way or another. You do what you need/want to do.. there are lots of us here for you. Anytime… anything… you need.. you have my number 🙂 *hugs*


  4. Barb
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 21:11:30

    Holy Shit!!

    First of all I say tell people so you can gain support and knowledge. I recently learned that fear dimishes a great deal as you acquire more knowledge about something. You are more likely to fear the unknown. Yet again it’s a personal preference if you want to keep it private or not. I think it’s all up to you.

    I love ya gal and wish you the best! Fuck Cancer!

    I hope that with removal it won’t spread. Your in my thoughts and I am sending good, positive vibes your way! Remember to stay positive as much as you can. I am a firm believer in mind over matter in some cases.

    I ❤ you doll and I see you Saturday at the bout for sure!


  5. carina // crowandcanary
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 20:49:01

    I’ve been following your tweets and just wanted to say… you’re insanely funny and if laughter is the best medicine, you’ve got this thing licked, lady. I hope that’s not in bad taste. I think your mom’s a pretty hard act to follow in that regard. For serious though, thinking good thoughts for you and can’t wait to read your latest tweets and posts.


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