Captain Question

Today was a hard day.

I’ve been researching the hell out of this microinvasion cervical cancer thing, because I feel knowledge is the best weapon in cases like this. The internet is a great resource, and after a morning of surfing while Chuck played with the remote, I felt better.

My doctor meant well enough, in trying to inform me the best he could. But for a man who delivers babies and usually gives good news, having to tell someone their reproduction had come to an end because their baby cooker has gone haywire must be uncomfortable.

If someone reading this ever has a similar problem, my one piece of advice is to ask questions. Lots of questions. And don’t be afraid to ask what you might think is a dumb question, because you need that information so you’re not shocked by things like the fact that you can’t have nail polish on when you go in to get a hysterectomy, or that you’ll have to have radiation afterwards.

Ask questions until you’re sated. Then ask one more. Then make sure you have a number where the doctor can be reached when you have some more questions.

I’m carrying a spiral reporter-style notebook around and writing down questions if I’m not near a computer. I just want to be well-informed when I get to the oncologist.

It pays to learn…cuz knowledge is power! (what’s that from??)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Juline
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 20:21:37

    Yes, ask questions! I got SO much more respect from my doctors when they realized I was arming myself with information. Seriously.


  2. Michelle
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 20:42:23

    and ask lots of people/doctors.. I spent almost a year after being told I had a mass in my bone that might be cancer… being terrified… after talking to not only a cancer doctor but one who specializes in that type of cancer in that place…. now I sleep again.. yes it might still be cancer.. but he was able to tell me so much more about it and was able to let me know that I would not wake up one day and find my arm had fallen off in my sleep. Which I had not even known how worried I was. I trusted my first doctor.. and I still do… he did not handle it as well as he should have.. did not give me enough information.. but then.. he was not a cancer doctor… so he did the best he could. With me asking a million questions it pushed him to get me a doctor that could answer my questions.


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