So much for that…

So the day after I wrote that lovely post about blogging more, Mille & Fille (my fiance’s parents, who we live with) took off for a couple of days for their anniversary and took the laptop with them. That would have been fine and dandy, but nobody told me they were gone. Since I never see them during the day it wasn’t a big deal, but I go downstairs to ask if I can do something or other, and nobody was there. Freaked me out a bit.

ANYWAY. So now I’ve stolen the laptop back and will thrill you all to the core with my verbosity and wit.

Exciting stuff coming down the pike for the cake side of life; I’ve got a MAMMOTH project coming up next weekend…a MOUNTAIN of a wedding cake. Literally.

I’ve got a bride going the non-traditional route for her cake, and she wants it in the shape of Mount Baker. Something like this:

Only in cake.

I can do it, it’s just the task of getting there that I’m stressing about. Just a little though 🙂

Then the next weekend, I’m doing a 100th birthday cake! The client wants the cake in the shape of “100”, which is a snap, with pansies all around it.

I’ll be busy for a few weeks, that’s for sure!

Nothing else exciting is going on, just purging the basement of all the crap I hauled here when I moved in, and sorting through it all. (if it wasn’t for Harmony Matters, I’d still be down there, surrounded by boxes, bawling my face off) It’s been a hell of a task, and I’m having to pay homage to Mille for paying people to come help since I’m incapable of throwing anything out unless someone forces me to.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an episode of  Hoarders waiting to happen. I know where the cats are (most of the time) and nobody is having to climb over boxes to get through the house. I am nowhere close to this:

But if the problem had not been nipped in the bud, it would have gotten there. I do not want to live the rest of my life having to shuffle crap around to sit on the couch. Kthanxbai.

SO! Nothing else super exciting happening these days…Chef has switched to day shifts at his work this week, which screws with his vampiric tendencies, so he’s staying up all night (and watching the baby, god bless his pointed little head), going to work at 7:30, working til 2pm, then coming home and going straight to sleep.

So I never see him.

Should be fun when he comes back off that schedule…will be like I haven’t seen him for a week.

And I should get some pretty killer sleep without him body blocking me out of our bed at night, or thrashing so much it wakes me up. WOOT!

Next blog post we’ll talk about food and how much I love it and how much of it I’m hauling around on my poor fat body right now.


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