We don’t need no stinkin sleep.

Chuck (my 10 month old daughter, for those of you just joining us) has decided that sleep is for lame-o’s.

Chef (her loving father and my fabulous fiance) loves his sleep. (In fact, it’s a freaking miracle most mornings when he’s out of bed before 11 without a heavy dose of harassment from yours truly.)

Which means that after 2 months of The Great Sleep War of 2010, I am looking somewhat like this:

Except maybe my clothes aren’t as clean. And I’m certainly not that thin. But the sleep deprived sallow skin is definitely me.

So I am now on Hour 2 of fighting with Chuck to get her to go to sleep. She had a bottle with a scoop of cereal in it. Gave her a bath. Mille & Fille took her in the pool to wear her out. She hasn’t napped since 4:00. Yet, she’s sitting in there SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF.

The “magic seahorse” (which was far and away the GREATEST BABY SHOWER GIFT EVER, and normally knocks her right out) is not working.

Gripe Water is not working. (our fall-back…we normally give her half a dose if the seahorse isn’t working.)

Orajel, just in case her teeth hurt, is not working.

So I just went back in there, dipped her nuh-nuh (paci, nuk, pacifier, binky, what have you) in Gripe Water, and am waiting it out.

If she keeps at it, I’m going into my bedroom with a glass of ice water and chucking it on the peacefully sleeping Chef.

Anyone have any advice? I’m starting to resemble a vampiric zombie.


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