My newest love, and the reason I can remember stuff.

I am notoriously disorganized. (see yesterday’s post) I had to HIRE SOMEONE to come into my house and help me throw stuff away because there is some disconnect in my brain that makes me save most pieces of paper I have in my possession.

Then along came Evernote. Evernote has eliminated my need to print every single thing I find on the internet and put it in a binder so I can promptly lose it.

Which cuts down on the amount of paper I’m hauling around.

Which means momma is a happier girl because she’s shuffling less crap around on a daily basis.

So I kind of love Evernote because it doesn’t MAKE a mess and it ELIMINATES my biggest mess-adder.

What is this Evernote you ask? Well, it’s a free website (premium memberships are $45/year, and if you “clip” as much stuff off the internet as I do, it’s WORTH IT) where you can store any or all of the following:

  • pictures of your babies (or your knitting or someone else’s knitting or babies, or pictures of that cool cake you saw that one time)
  • videos (I haven’t yet figured out this one, but I’m sure I’ll have the need to do it later.)
  • recipes for out-of-season ingredients (I inevitably find the GREATEST strawberry recipe just after they’re not in season anymore, and they don’t taste the same when they’re genetically engineered from Mexico)
  • The link to the website where you found your dream wedding dress after searching for 9 months only to find the thing cost more than your car + your fiance’s car (Like this one)
  • a typed note about Couch to 5k that makes no sense, but I’m pretty sure might be important

Plus I’m sure you can think of a thousand ways that YOU can use it that doesn’t involve me blabbing on endlessly about my crazypants “filing system”.

You can file these notes by any category you like, you can share them with your friends/family/coworkers, you can access them through a (free!) app on your Android, iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone….I can clip stuff I find on the internet from my cell phone. I love that.

You can also download a little widget for your internet browser on your computer so when you find something super awesome during your morning ramblings (I get an hour or two while Chuck naps to check blogs, write blogs, play on Twitter, etc), you just click the little elephant that looks like this:

(but much smaller) and you can save the whole website as a picture, just the URL or one single picture.

Since I don’t have a printer on the laptop I have absconded with, this makes it so much easier to reaccess things I need/want to look at later!

I think I’ve blabbed enough. Go check it out for yourselves, you’ll love it.

Purdue also has a great article on Evernote HERE or cnet has a pretty awesome review HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Evernote did NOT pay me to do this review. Although, I would have said the exact same stuff if they did. They most likely have no clue who I am. This whole review is my opinions and my ramblings ONLY.

UPDATE!!! I just discovered that if you highlight something and hit the little elephant button you download for your browser, it automatically creates a note with JUST the highlighted text! AWESOME.


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