Not like a lightswitch.

So, today has begun The Great Vegan Switch. (it’s a slow switch. Hence the post title.)

I’m moving (rather glacially, it seems) into removing all animal products from my diet. Rather than focus on what I CAN’T eat, let’s look at what I CAN eat!

  • I can eat vegan chocolates from here.
  • I can eat seitan. I just like saying that….pronounced “satan”. Hey mom…I’m eating seitan!
  • According to the crazy people over at PETA, I can eat Cracker Jacks.
  • I can eat Kix.
  • I can eat Rice Krispies.
  • I can apparently drink Red Bull. (but I’m cutting out caffiene, so that’s a no-go)
  • I CAN EAT NEWMAN’S “FAUX-REOS.” They’re seriously delicious. No lie. (Although, according to the PETA website, I can eat regular Oreos too? That doesn’t sound right….)
  • I can eat Smarties.
  • I can eat Thomas’ Bagels. (until I try gluten-free, to see if that’s my issue.)
  • I can use Bisquick for my pancakes & waffles.

So! I will not starve to death. This is good.

Confession: I had a Coke today. And just one cigarette. Seeing as how bananas things have been around here today, I’m doing rather well with pacing myself. HOORAY!!


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