What kind of Vegan are you?

NOTE: I promise I will not turn this into just a vegan blog. I still will blab about trying to plan for our wedding, what Chuck is doing today and how much I hate living with Mille and Fille. Please do not fret.

HOWEVER. I will still talk about vegan-ish things. 🙂

SO! In my continuing education of what is vegan and what is most definitely not, I am learning a whole bunch of new words to look for on the nutrition labels of foods I eat now.

FOR EXAMPLE: I read the ingredients for Triscuits when we went to the store last night, hoping against all hope that they are vegan and I don’t have to wear all black and sing funeral marches and weep unabashedly as I mourn.

Here’s what the label says: WHOLE WHEAT, SOYBEAN AND/OR PALM OIL, SALT.

Now. There are no animal products in that list. HOWEVER. As the fact sheet from Lush Cosmetics (a beloved former employer and one of my favorite places to shop) states below, palm oil is not a socially responsible  ingredient.

What’s Wrong With Palm Oil? (Lush Factsheet)

So now, the dilemma is: what kind of vegan am I? Am I the kind that wears no animal products anywhere on her body (including clothes and beauty products) or am I the kind that’s eating responsibly for her body’s sake?

Answer: For right now, I’m going to be the latter. It would take another very LARGE purge of my closet, my bathroom and my whole life to become the no-animal-products-ever girl. And if I get to that point, I’ll let you know.

For now, I’ll eat Triscuits while writing a letter to Nabisco telling them that their use of palm oil isn’t the best and maybe the “and/or” on their nutrition label isn’t the best way to go.

Because I love my Triscuits.


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