Winner Winner, (non)Chicken Dinner!

So, tonight’s dinner is being brought to Chez Cupcake via Vegan Crunk (via Seitanic Vegan Heathen and Crazy Sexy Life) I’ve decided she’s one of my new favorite people.

I’m making her Country Potato Soup (which you can find the recipe for through any of those links up there) and it smells delicious.

I subbed in peanut flour for the whole wheat pastry flour….mostly because I couldn’t find whole wheat pastry flour at Trader Joe’s, but also because peanut flour sounded interesting.

Just downloaded the Retro Camera app for my Droid, so here are some vintage-looking photos of the prep:

Sauteeing onions in a smidge of canola oil

Draining veggies

Canola oil, soy milk mixed with peanut flour & veggie bacon

Soup! Waiting for it to thicken takes FOREVER when you’re hungry!

Dinner is served, my little vegan monkeys. Even Mille was pleased. 🙂 (and no, the toast in the background is not vegan. But neither was the MorningStar bacon, apparently.)

A few things about making this soup:

  • Chef says it was delicious, but being a chef, he has to suggest improvements because I think that’s one of the classes he took in culinary school: “How to make suggestions to people to improve their cooking”. He says if I let the onions cook a little longer and let them start to caramelize and cook the carrots with them, it would add an extra something-something to the soup.
  • Vegan/vegetarian bacon is rough to cook, yo. There weren’t any directions that I could find on the box, so I tried to cook it like regular bacon. Don’t laugh. It crisped up kind of nicely, but I’m assuming I’m supposed to cook it IN something, like an oil or a fat.
  • It was GONE. All of it. Every last drop. Even Short Stack, my notoriously picky eater, ate most of his without Food Wars ensuing.

This is definitely a delicious recipe that I’ll be making again. Hope your weekend is rounding out the way you like, and you’re not having to clean HALF as much as I am. xoxox


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