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Well hi there! I know it’s been a couple of days since I posted, but it’s been a bit busy around here.  Keeping up with a tiny person (who is 11 months old today! My Chuck is almost 1!!) who is refusing to sleep at night kind of eats up your day, you know?

I’ve been beyond tired lately. Like crazy, haven’t-slept-in-three-days tired. I’ve been sleeping 6-8 hours a night, which has been more than sufficient in the past, but I wake up with a total hangover-feeling and more exhausted than when I laid down the night before.

Was getting tired of it. (ha)

SO! I called my girl parts’ doctor. Ever since the Cancer Diagnosis, I’ve been paranoid when something different happens in that particular area. I had another procedure done 4 weeks ago, and my “Aunt Flo” has been visiting ever since, which I thought might be the cause of my excessive tiredness.

For those of you who are not the semi-proud owners of female plumbing, THAT IS NOT NORMAL.

So I called Dr. Lady Parts. His nurse told me that women who undergo the same procedure often have Aunt Flo visit for UP TO SIX MONTHS. Pretty sure I’m going to go crazy and kick people if she stays that long.

Which left me with no cause of this Reverse Rip Van Winkle syndrome.

Until I realized: Hey dummy, you switched your diet and cut caffeine out…..maybe THAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM??


So I googled “vegan tired cause” and looks like I might be low on iron and b12.

God bless Google for saving me from myself once again.


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  1. ARDELLd
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 01:47:02

    Cream of Wheat is an EXCELLENT source of iron. Remember that for your kids too. Since I never eat a true “one” serving, one of my servings is a whole day’s worth of iron. I don’t need iron anymore because Aunt Flo doesn’t visit me, but I still like cream of wheat.

    A good sign that you are too low on iron is that the crease in the sides where your lips meet crack. That’s about low iron, and chapstick won’t help.


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