Sucking The Life Out of Me: Netflix, the Vampire Story

13/365 Chapter 11

Image by The Suss-Man (live from Albany, GA) via Flickr

So Fille gave up his much beloved Blockbuster account on Thursday, after learning that they were filing for Chapter 11.  Somehow, the fact he was taking the money and running into the cheaply outstretched arms of Netflix, abandoning the more expensive and less convenient caress of Blockbuster and the irony of how many people doing the same in Buster’s time of need was COMPLETELY lost on him.

Anyway, I digress.

So now we have Netflix. And my life is ruined.

We have a laptop that I use to escape Mille & Fille and their dungeon of computer paraphernalia.  And on this laptop, I am now able to watch just about any television show or movie I can think of. And some I have never heard of. And some I have heard of but never really wanted to watch.

For example: in the last 36 hours, in addition to regular Mommy Pants duties (i.e. cooking, cleaning, shopping and trying not to lose my everloving mind) I have watched:

  • 7.48 episodes of Season 4 of Nip/Tuck (am horrified Julia slept with Marlo, mostly because she’s so high and mighty, not because he’s stature-deficient, and have I mentioned I love “little people”?)
  • 1.28 episodes of Gangland (from the History Channel…FASCINATING show. Really bloody & violent, though.)
  • Aeon Flux (Though I have to admit, 9/10ths of this was watched through my eyelids. Not sleeping, just quiet.)
  • 3 episodes of Wonder Pets
  • 1 episode of Sid The Science Kid
  • Planet 51
  • Now playing: Fantasia 2000 (Chuck likes the music, Short Stack tries to copy the animation 🙂

Now, for $12, I am paying Netflix to suck my brain, my free time and my concentration right out through my eyeballs. My brain is trying to file for chapter 11 just to recover and recoup some of its melting brain cells before it’s too late.

Last night, between the Soul Sucker Netflix and Chuck deciding sleep is for the weak, I got 2 hours of sleep from 5am to 7am. I am also currently at my mother’s house, which means I have a 90 minute drive home tonight.

This could be fun.


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