An open letter to Claire, the stylist at Se7en

Bellevue Square

Image by chispita_666 via Flickr

Dear Claire,

Your awesomocity astounds me.

Not only did you give me one of the best haircuts I have EVER had in my life (this hair is hard to handle now), but you made me feel welcome in a city that I’ve never felt welcome in. I grew up there, and I never belonged.

After arriving at Bellevue Square a bit early for our appointment, I stopped by one store, and then another store, and then yet another store.  I had money to spend, and ended up not spending a dime. Why?

The employees at each store took one look at me, (the head to toe “check out”) and turned the other way. Because of the way I’m shaped and what I LOOK LIKE, I was not deemed worthy enough to help in any of the stores.

My self-esteem was plummeting when I walked into the Se7en salon. I felt like I would get snobbed once again, because I wasn’t rail-thin and wore jeans and carried an old beat up messenger bag instead of a big stupid-expensive purse.

Then you sat me down in your chair, didn’t do the “head to toe check out” and just treated me like a person. You cut my hair in a way that looks amazing both curly AND straight (something even experienced stylists have huge issues with) and you chatted with me like we were old friends.

You made me feel welcome in a place that has never embraced me, and for that I thank you.

Also, I look awesome and I thank you for that too.




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