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This cold just won’t stop.

It all started (the day before Chuck’s birthday. HOORAY!) with a soul-sucking cough that sounded like I was in the end stages of some disease involving leeches and possibly moths eating away at my lung tissue until I just ceased to exist.

Then it moved into a splinter-cell phlegm attack on my sinuses the morning of Chuck’s party followed by a massive movement into my throat, which was not unlike taking a Dremel tool to my tonsils until they resembled hamburger meat.

Then, in the middle of Chuck’s party came the sneezes. Like a tiny troll camping in my nostrils and alternating sticking pins into the soft insides of my nose with pulling out the nose hairs.

After the party (and after I had 2 shots of Jameson to deal with the coughing, the sneezing and the close proximity of my mother) came the fatigue. I was in the middle of a conversation with my family when Dexter apparently snuck up behind me and shot me in the neck with the sleepy needle.

I should probably be glad I didn’t wake up in the scary plastic-covered room….but next thing I remember, I wake up sitting up, alone, in a dark room, with a blanket over me.

The next day was sort of a blur as the onslaught of attacks on my lungs, sinuses, throat and nose were constant. I developed a fever at some point, which I only know because Chef  says he found me in a sweating shivering huddle on the floor with two thermometers in my hand, mumbling that I didn’t want to use Chuck’s thermometer in my mouth but I couldn’t remember which one was which.


I’m feeling eons better today. But I still have a super phlegmy cough and a runny nose.

I guess it’s not feverish-passing-out-in-the-middle-of-the-conversation.

Oh, and I quit smoking. Yay me! 6 days and totally without a cigarette. Being deathly ill may have helped.


PS – the picture for today is the flag of Curacao. Not even CLOSE to knowing what prompted that being a suggested media item.


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