Random Wednesday, pre-Halloween edition

the Chuck Norris catalog

Hi! I know, I wrote two posts in 24 hours. Try to contain your excitement. In the words of my brother, it’s unseemly.

A few randoms to keep you entertained until I finish the post about Chuck’s birthday:

  1. Chef and I are working on videos on basic kitchen how-to’s. He likes to teach people, and I like to have blog fodder. (and also maybe pretend I’m a director of major films.) So far, we have a short movie on basic knife handling, and one on how to chop an onion. Do you have anything kitcheny you’d like to see him teach? Nothing is off limits. Want to know how to make popcorn that doesn’t go in the microwave? Want to know how to shell peas? Let me know and I’ll add it to his filming schedule.
  2. I have decided that I need more aprons. I currently have a really cute cupcake one (of course) a Boudin sourdough bread one, a half apron that I believe came from Chef’s work, and one I jacked from Lush Cosmetics when I used to work there. Seeing as how they are a major part of my wardrobe most days, I would like a wider variety. Do you have any suggestions on awesomesauce aprons and where I can get them?
  3. I think I want an apron-themed bridal shower. Just saying.
  4. I have a Halloween wedding to go to on Sunday. I’m making the wedding cake. I’m supposed to dress up in a costume. I haven’t worn a Halloween costume in YEARS. Thanks to Twitter, I’m going to go as Batty Cracker, Betty Crocker’s twisted sister. It may involve blood, but I’m not sure.
  5. I’m completely obsessed with special effects makeup. I have a huge collection of latex wound pieces. I hardly ever use them. I should probably get on that.
  6. I got to skate tonight at practice. It’s only the second time I’ve been on skates since resigning as a derby girl on November 6th 2008. It was AWESOME. I need to do that more often.
  7. I find it disturbing I recall the exact date I quit being a derby girl, but I cannot recall the date Chef & I met, nor the day he proposed.  My priorities seem to be a bit skewed.
  8. Interesting how I am blogging about everything under the sun except the fact that we had a pretty shocking death in Chef’s family this week. (Ditka, our hammie, died too.) I think I’m still trying to come to grips with this major change. May not ever blog about it. That’s how I roll.
  9. I think I need to stop watching Snapped. (And Oxygen network altogether, really.) Every time I see a dude out in public or on TV behaving badly, I figure I may eventually see his other half on that show, and I wouldn’t really blame her for it.
  10. I love Chuck Norris.  I have no idea where this obsession came from, but I am totally enamored with just about everything he does. I can’t sit through an entire episode of Walker Texas Ranger, but I will watch 5 minutes of it every time it’s on. I have issues.
  11. I HAVE DISCOVERED THE GREATEST TELEVISION SHOW OF ALL TIME. It is on my favorite network ever, BBC America, and it is LAW AND ORDER UK. I think it has only been on for 4 or 5 episodes, but it’s AMAZING and FANTASTIC and half the time I have no clue what they’re talking about, but I love it.
  12. I have a very odd affection for the British. I love the slang (even though I totally don’t get it) and I love the accents and the way they drive on the left and everything. I do not, however, like their food. Bangers and mash? Bubble and squeak? Yeah, no thanks.
  13. If you’re not reading Hyperbole and a Half, I am disappointed in you. GO. GO NOW. Don’t even bother reading the rest of this post, just GO.

I need to stop while I’m ahead. I also need to go to sleep before I become delusional and start blogging about my new whisk or the fact that I don’t understand what cake pops are made of or how you make them.


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  1. mel0890
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 02:00:17

    I love your posts, you’re so cute! hahaa x
    Take a look at mine? ❤
    http://mel0890.wordpress.com/ xxx


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