Party All The Time

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Does anyone remember that Eddie Murphy pretended to sing back in the 80’s? Party All The Time? No, just me?

This is my first year “partying” with the Ultimate Blog Party (a virtual party of bloggers thrown by the ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom), so you’ll have to excuse me if I do this wrong. I tend to toot my own horn.

What is Bruises on the Frosting all about?

It’s about a terribly large list of things. I’m a bit of a dilettante and write a little bit about a lot of things.

Mostly, I write about my life. I’m a mom to two terrific kiddos (Short Stack is 11 and Chuck is 17 mos), so that occupies the majority of my time. I’m engaged to a guy we call Chef…because he is a chef.

Yes, I’m pretty lucky. (He also runs a very successful website for tips and tricks on the Call of Duty video game, so if you or your SO are into that, you should check it out!)


Mia Cupcake's the name, pointing and looking serious is my game. Photo courtesy of Axle Adams.


I am a non-skating official for roller derby. Short explanation: this means sometimes I get to yell and blow a whistle while girls skate in a circle and hit each other, and sometimes I wear a pink shirt and write stuff down. One of these days, I will explain the long way what I do.

I bake. A lot. A LOT. I don’t eat much of it (Mia Cupcake came from “mea culpa, btw), but I have a lot of very happy friends. And the girls at the coffee stand near my house love me.

Sometimes I do giveaways….and sometimes I do reviews. Mostly I just talk about myself.

I am in the process of a transformation to a healthier me. I’m exercising more, and I’m eating better and I quit smoking and soda and fast food. I’m doing a lot of it with the help of Mamavation….which brings me to my SUPER AWESOME giveaway!

I am in the finals to be a Mamavation Mom, and to be able to inspire other moms out there to make healthier changes for them and for their family. I need your help though.

Go here and vote for me (@miacupcake) to be the next Mamavation Mom BEFORE noon on Monday, April 4th, and then head here and enter my giveaway! Every vote counts….!

And because you made it this far….sometimes I post a video on the bottom that may or may not have something to do with the post. I’m random like that.

In this case, it’s Party All The Time. As proof that Eddie Murphy did attempt singing, around the same time that his career was at its height, with Beverly Hills Cop 1-3.

You’re welcome for that flashback 🙂


Running in Circles.

So, I’m new to this whole running thing. I’ve been procrastinating for entirely too long….and now I have a 5k I’m running in 5 weeks. I know the Couch to 5k takes 9 weeks, but I have been working my tuchus off for 3 weeks already, doing a lot of cardio and squats and such.

I am fully aware that this may not be the wisest decision I have ever made.

BUT! I am hell-bent and determined to haul my ass out there and run. Luckily I found a 5k on a route that’s almost COMPLETELY flat terrain, so I’m not too worried. Plus I have one of my BFFs running with me and she just ran a 15k and has no qualms about getting all “drill sergeant” on my ass, so I think I’m golden.

ANOTHER BUT! I am paranoid that I do not have the right tools to begin running, which is why I have not started yet. I have the shoes. I have some pants. I have plenty of teeshirts.

I know I am missing something.

SO! I made a survey and I would pretty much adore you for life if you are a runner, and would take it. This way, I am not pestering my running friend with all of the questions, and I get a better idea of how other people run.

ALSO! My giveaway (read: bribery for voting for me as a Mamavation Mom) has pretty low entries…so if you’ve voted already or are going to vote now….head on over here and comment away!!


Who’s That Girl?

MobilePhoto.jpgI made the finals for Mamavation Mom! I was really worried for a few days that my unique way of handling life was too “much”, and I have been REALLY struggling with not changing myself to make other people like me. (PS – GO HERE for my giveaway And vote for me!)

It’s hard….especially after today, when I had a tough morning at playgroup. You want people to like you, but you have to be true to yourself, right?

I realized something very important this morning: Being fat does not define me. Most of the time (when not coloured by snide comments other people have made), I don’t see a fat girl when I look in the mirror.

You know what I see? I see the funny person who tells jokes when she’s sad. I see the girl who dyed her hair “Bordeaux” in the 10th grade, thinking it would be a nice bright red colour. I see the hardass who still cries when she runs over an animal on the road. I see the dot in my eye from that car accident. I see a great mom and a fantastic fiancée and a wonderful friend.

But the scale tells me something different. Yes, I am down .8 pounds this week, but I am still big. Bigger than I should be. And I can make all sorts of excuses and say it’s a gland issue or whatever is convenient, but I won’t lie to myself anymore.

I’m this big because I chose to sit on the couch rather than getting up. I chose to wallow in my cancer diagnosis and eat until I figured out what to do. I made the decision to be fat.

So now I’m making the decision to be healthy. I honestly don’t care if I get back down to a pre-Short-Stack size 8, I just want to not feel like I am right on the verge of a heart attack. I want to be able to chase my kids around and make them laugh. I want to take them on hikes and go outside.

I could care less about what reality TV stars are doing. I want to live my life, not theirs.

SO! I am making bigger changes now.

  • I’ve already knocked out the not-smoking goal. It’s been 3 weeks and I have had 3 cigarettes. Chef is now quitting as well, so that will be even easier. It’s now less work to not smoke, it’s a seldom passing thought. Which is easy to quash.
  • Water is also a habit for me now. I always have a bottle with me, and every time I think about it, I take a few swallows. I’m averaging about 75 ounces a day now, so I’m pretty proud of that.
  • Junk food is not allowed in my house. Mostly. I don’t buy it. Chef occasionally eats it, but I don’t even bother taking a bite.
  1. Moving – This is a recycled goal from the last few weeks, but now I’ve expanded it. I’m doing the Couch to 5k. I’m shooting for the USMAA Boot Camp at least 2x per week. I’m still continuing with the hazings until voting ends.
  2. Better food choices. I’ve been choosing healthier foods, but eating maybe too much of them. Smaller portions. Smarter snacking.

Next week, I’m hoping to be down another two pounds. Or to just have been able to make it through boot camp without swearing or puking. 😀

Mamavation question of the week: Where will your feet take you this year? Any plans for a big hike, race, or just a lot of walking?

I am pretty excited because my maid of honor (and one of my BFFs) is going to be accompanying me….on my very first 5k on May 7th. She’s a big time runner, so this is no big deal for her, but she gets that it’s a pretty big deal for me. I’m EXCITED! 😀

This post is sponsored by Earth Footwear, and I wrote it to be entered in a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Earth Footwear. Also, I need new shoes…..

Healthy Cupcake

Blanched almonds.

Image via Wikipedia

Unless you’re just joining us, you know I “auditioned” to be one of the next Mamavation Moms. (for those of you new to Bruises in the Frosting, you can check out what Mamavation and Mamavation moms are all about here.)

I made the Final Six! It’s a pretty big honor to be included in this group, and I am really flattered to have been chosen.

What’s next? I need your vote!

And I’m offering you an incentive to do so.

I’ve got a $25 gift certificate to for one lucky voter. And a Baker Basket (with an apron from The Smart Baker, a pound of Kerrygold Butter and a bottle of Nielsen Massey almond extract) for another lucky voter!

How does this work? (sorry, for US residents only…You can vote once per computer/smartphone/ipad/internet connection. You don’t have to sign up for anything. You can vote multiple times from multiple computers. You get an entry for EACH VOTE!):

Mandatory Entry:

Go here and vote for me (@miacupcake. I’m the one in the Mile High Club roller derby teeshirt.) Then come back here and leave a comment saying you voted! (Leave an entry for every time you vote, from every computer/smartphone/internet connection you can find!)

Additional entries (LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH!):

  • follow me on Twitter (@miacupcake) and tweet about this giveaway. (Limit 3 tweets a day) Leave the URL to your tweet in your comment! (1 entry per tweet) Here’s an example:

Who could rock as a #mamavation Mom harder than @miacupcake? I voted for her, and entered her #giveaway! (ends 4/4)

  • Refer a friend! Or two! Or seventeen! They must complete the mandatory entry and comment before you get “credit”. Make sure to leave their name in your comment (TWO entries for each verified referral!)
  • Leave a comment about me on the voting page! Be nice…anything along the lines of  “miacupcake would make the best choice for Mamavation Mom because she’s__________” (fill in the blank) (One entry)

Disclaimer: Amazon has no idea who I am. I’m sponsoring that portion of the giveaway. The Smart Baker, Nielsen Massey and KerryGold provided goodies for a blog party I had a few weeks ago, and these are extras from them. Winners must be 18 years or older. Giveaway ends April 4th, 2011 at 4pm PST. Winners will be drawn via and must respond to email confirmation within 48 hours to claim their prize. I am not responsible for lost or stolen items.

One of These Things May Not Belong…

I have inadequacy issues sometimes.

Like most of America.

I got to go to a really cool party at Jessie’s store yesterday, and I’m still not sure how I ended up there. Dawn invited me, and things just happened to fall into place to allow me to go. I met Steph from Stephmodo, and Megan from Not Martha (who I may or may not have tried not to fawn over…she’s awesome). I got to see my new BFF Tania from Love Big, Bake Often (who went to the DOH office and got my massage license renewed for me so I can work, and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL) and Jenny from Jenny’s Cookies (who I met at Java Cupcake’s party in December) and of course, one of my favorite people….Jessie from Cakespy.

(I forgot my camera at home. So I’m hoping somebody posts pictures. Like Dawn.)

And I promptly felt very small and very weird and very unaccomplished.

Jenny has been working with a pretty big celeb on a project that I’m not sure I can talk about. Jessie is writing a book that I got to see a part of and I am so very excited about it that I may or may not have asked 9 zillion questions. Steph (and her family) renovated a medieval cottage in France and is going back to spend Easter there. Tania is one of the coolest bakers I know and a military mom and 19 different kinds of awesome. Dawn throws the most amazing parties ever. Megan is a baker and a photographer and she’s funny and she’s super smart and she made the coolest rainbow cake EVER (you HAVE to go look at it).

And then there’s me.

I talk too much to cover the fact that I’m shy and really nervous around “new people” and sometimes I bake, but I usually don’t blog about it and I spend a lot of time Facebooking and tweeting. So you’ll understand why I felt a bit odd.

So I sat down last night and started to make a list of all the reasons I am awesome in my own way. And there were a lot.

Sometimes that’s all it takes. Jessie wrote on my Facebook wall that she thinks I’m swell, and that helps too 🙂

Here’s your homework for today: write a list today of 10 reasons why you think you are awesome. And then when that’s done, write one for a friend. Or your kiddo. Or your husband. And then give it to them!

It’s always good to tell others how much you appreciate them and why. They can’t read your mind 😉

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Sorry Charlie…..

This is me on Saturday. Full of winning.

Dear Charlie Sheen,

I hear you’ve been running around and talking about how you love tiger blood and warlock porn stars live in your house and something about DNA and drugs called Charlie Sheen and banging 7 gram rocks and all sorts of crazy….to be perfectly honest, I haven’t been listening. (I had to Google most of that.)

Mostly because I’ve been too busy winning.

That's me, almost 3 weeks ago, in the yellow helmet.

I know you think you understand winning. But I don’t think you do.

Winning is turning someone’s life around. It’s seeing that you have a problem and taking steps to fix that problem. It’s stepping on the scale before a surgery to remove cancer on Feb 1st, and seeing a number (262.4) that you don’t EVER want to see again.

And then making CHANGES.

Changing your way of life. Quitting the couch. Giving up greasy fast food.

As of this morning. Down 15 pounds. Eat that, Warlock DNA.

Tossing out the last half pack of cigarettes after smoking for YEARS. Making sure your house is a junk free zone so you’re not tempted to binge because it’s EASY.

Winning is moving your quite large butt so you can be there for your kids. It’s taking the hard road because you still can. It’s making sacrifices to ensure that you will be there for your baby’s graduation from high school and get to harass her while she plans her wedding.

It’s making decisions (like smoothies over Jack in the Box, or planks vs sitting on the couch while watching Biggest Loser) that affect not only your life, but the lives of those around you. It’s FINALLY being able to get up in the morning and not be exhausted, or chase after your toddler and not be winded.

Winning is normal people doing extraordinary things.

Dude, you couldn’t handle my kind of winning. Your face would melt off.



PS dude, if you haven’t seen this video yet, you should totally watch it. Then try rehab.


On Bout Day, Long Long Ago… (aka Saturday)…

Meatball, in the penalty box, trying to look i...

I know a lot of you are not familiar with the concept of Bout Day.

But in roller derby, for most leagues (during the derby “season”), we have bouts (what we call our “games” in derby-speak) once a month.

Not unlike the craziness and the frenzy that surrounds any other sport on game day, we have Bout Day Crazy.

As a ref, this involves a lot of crawling on the dirty floor for hours taping off the track to official standards before the bout; making sure stopwatches are working; placing and re-placing the player benches, the penalty box chairs, the scorekeepers table, and the bumpers around the track to ensure player, ref and spectator safety as well as lines of sight; and then officiating matchups where someone will inevitably scream at you, call you stupid, ask if you’re blind and possibly treat you like you didn’t just spend all day making sure they could play.

It’s fun as hell, don’t get me wrong.

But sometimes it’s uber-stressful. And my habit (pre-Mamavation) has been to grab fast food between setup and arriving at the venue for bout time, have a cigarette, or down another soda to deal with the stress….or mostly postpone it until the afterparty, where I have a couple of cocktails and then Chef picks me up.

But I’m working towards a healthier me. And I am trying out to be a Mamavation Mom. (you can read more about what that entails here) So that means no sodas. No cigarettes. And no alcohol.

So I was a mess on Saturday. I had buckets of stress, and I was refusing my body my normal “coping mechanisms”. So I started to short circuit a bit.

So I had a cigarette. (I KNOW! Don’t yell at me.)

And it was horrible. I felt like garbage and wanted to lie down and die. I felt like I had disappointed my sistas, my kids and mostly myself.

It was already done. So I moved on and about an hour later, I took a swig of soda. And promptly panicked, BEFORE SWALLOWING.

So here I am, already a mess, now holding a soda I don’t want with more soda I don’t want in my mouth, running around in a panic trying to find a trash can to spit it out in. I looked like an idiot, but was determined not to let myself or anyone else down again.

So I ran outside and spit it out.

I also had decided earlier in the day, after stopping in the Jack in the Box parking lot and thinking HARD about it, to stop at Robek’s for a smoothie instead of french fries and garbage.

I also skipped the afterparty, because I just didn’t want to deal with the temptation of alcohol and cigarettes. It sucks to not be able to unwind with your friends after a bout, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

(ETA – I am a super responsible parent. I never drink around the kids and ONCE a month I get to go out with my friends. So I’m not clubbing every night. Relax.)

So small steps towards my big goal. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying HARD.

Goals for this week? (I’m buying a scale today. Then I can post scale pictures. I don’t know if I’ve lost any lbs this week, but we’ll see…)

  1. Keep not smoking. I think that one cigarette in almost 2 weeks is pretty awesome. Especially since I haven’t been using Chantix or gum or the patch….just regular old chewing gum.
  2. Water. I fell down on this one yesterday for some reason, and I REALLY felt it. I have water bottles all over the house normally, but The Overlord cleaned while I was gone on Bout Day….so they all were tossed 😦
  3. Keep ignoring the junk food. I was pretty good on bout day. They normally have all sorts of garbage laid out for us to snack on…I had 6 bottles of water (the tiny ones) and a banana and a delicious roast beef sandwich with horseradish….yum. We won’t speak about the Domino’s pizza incident…wherein I ate pizza and was promptly ill for 2 days. UGH.
  4. Keep moving. Hazings are getting increasingly harder. I’m pushing myself as much as I can without getting hurt, and I’m proud of myself. I’m also walking at LEAST every other day for 2 miles. I want to start the Couch to 5k this week because I finally got running shoes!!
  5. Keep up the good work on night eating! This one I’m really proud of. I used to shove food in my face right up to the point where I fell asleep. I have been eating a banana before going to bed and I’m good. Drinking lots of water helps too 🙂
  6. NEW – Boot Camp. – this one terrifies me. And 5am is super early. But as a part of our derby league, I have an incredible opportunity to attend a local US Martial Arts gym boot camp at 5am every weekday, and I promised my derby friends I would go twice a week (to start). So I have to do it……

This week’s Mamavation question: Are you a sweet or savory snacker?  What do you look for in a healthy snack?

I absolutely prefer savory. By far. I can eat just one or two M&Ms, but cannot put down potato chips.

For healthy snacks, I like something with a crunch. I like apples and blue corn chips…things like that. I’ve been wanting to try kale chips, but I’m not 100% sure on them yet.

And for making it this far, a video for you. This is my new favorite YouTube guy. Also

And if he can do this in the middle of a busy Apple store….you can do ANYTHING you want 🙂 (not your typical inspirational pep talk, but srsly. AWESOME.

This post is sponsored by Orville Redenbacher popcorn, and I wrote it to be entered in a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Orville. PS, I love popcorn. Did I say that already?


Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

Image via Wikipedia

So I’ve applied to be a Mamavation mom (check out my video here) and I’ve been taking part in the “hazing” like it’s my job.

Because it kind of is.

To be clear…by hazing, I do not mean that Bookieboo and crew are circling fat parts of me while I stand on a table in my underpants in front of the whole sorority, or making me drink endless amounts of alcohol until I pass out.

I mean the GOOD kind. I’m doing jumping jacks and pushups and drinking water and eating healthy and doing basically whatever they tell me to.


I never thought I would have said that…but the “sitting on my butt watching television all the time” thing wasn’t really going well for me. I was so tired all the time, and I was sick a lot and I was eating nothing but expensive fast food and I was smoking….ugh. I felt horrible.

ANYWAY….so I’ve been working on this for almost 3 weeks now? And I’ve been rocking it. Was able to not HAVE to take a nap for the last four days, and was able to play with the kids at the play area at the mall and went for a long walk with Chef and Chuck today….I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

ETA: I totally have not weighed myself. Since the doc’s office, almost 2 weeks ago. I should get on that, but I’m afraid my scale is different than the doc’s scale….I’m sucking it up later today 😉

SO! Goals for this week?

  1. Keep not smoking. Have been completely smoke free for a week. The smell of cigarette smoke is not tempting me at all right now….in fact it stinks. Chef has even been inspired to work on quitting…I just found his secret stash of Nicotine patches he’s been using 🙂
  2. More water. I have been falling down on this one. BUT!! I have had ONE CAN OF COKE in a WEEK, so I’m pretty freaking proud of myself.
  3. Ignore the junk food. I had a Cinnabon yesterday. I’m totally not proud of that. I don’t have any excuses. But it was totally not delicious. Other than that, have not had fast food in 9 days.
  4. Move. With the hazing, this is not hard for me. I get a twice-daily reminder to get up and go, and they tell me what to do. I’ve also been walking or yoga-ing or whatever strikes my fancy in addition…FEELING THE BURN.
  5. NEW – Stop late night binging. This is a HUGE issue with me. I am not hungry, I just get bored after the baby goes to sleep, so for some reason, I feel the need to eat. I recognized this last night and had a banana and that was it. So that’s a step in the right direction.

Mamavation Question of the week: What time of day works best for you to be active?  How do you make sure you stick to those planned workouts?

With such an erratic small person in the house, I try not to make any PLANS. I’ve been getting in the majority of my exercise in the morning, so I don’t put it off until after she goes to bed, because then I’m too tired.

Although…now that I think of it, exercising during her nap might make the most sense. 🙂

And now, because you made it all the way to the end of my post, a video with the best use of a treadmill. (Other than running on it.)

This post is sponsored by SEARS FitStudio and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Sears.

Nerds Untie!

I am humming along, editing my video for my Mamavation Moms application, and my video camera software asks me if I want to make a Magic Movie!

Why yes, video camera, I LOVE MAGIC! Please! Make a magic movie!

This is the ridiculousness that it came up with. Enjoy.

*editor’s note: turn your freaking speakers down because for some reason, the roller derby part is REALLY REALLY LOUD.

This is how we do:

I love my roller derby people. FOR SERIOUS. Some of the funniest people I know, supportive of people they hardly know (just because they’re in derby) and all around awesome human beings.

And I got to skate with some of them last Sunday…which makes me unspeakably happy.

And we caught it all on video, which is even better.

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