Party All The Time

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Does anyone remember that Eddie Murphy pretended to sing back in the 80’s? Party All The Time? No, just me?

This is my first year “partying” with the Ultimate Blog Party (a virtual party of bloggers thrown by the ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom), so you’ll have to excuse me if I do this wrong. I tend to toot my own horn.

What is Bruises on the Frosting all about?

It’s about a terribly large list of things. I’m a bit of a dilettante and write a little bit about a lot of things.

Mostly, I write about my life. I’m a mom to two terrific kiddos (Short Stack is 11 and Chuck is 17 mos), so that occupies the majority of my time. I’m engaged to a guy we call Chef…because he is a chef.

Yes, I’m pretty lucky. (He also runs a very successful website for tips and tricks on the Call of Duty video game, so if you or your SO are into that, you should check it out!)


Mia Cupcake's the name, pointing and looking serious is my game. Photo courtesy of Axle Adams.


I am a non-skating official for roller derby. Short explanation: this means sometimes I get to yell and blow a whistle while girls skate in a circle and hit each other, and sometimes I wear a pink shirt and write stuff down. One of these days, I will explain the long way what I do.

I bake. A lot. A LOT. I don’t eat much of it (Mia Cupcake came from “mea culpa, btw), but I have a lot of very happy friends. And the girls at the coffee stand near my house love me.

Sometimes I do giveaways….and sometimes I do reviews. Mostly I just talk about myself.

I am in the process of a transformation to a healthier me. I’m exercising more, and I’m eating better and I quit smoking and soda and fast food. I’m doing a lot of it with the help of Mamavation….which brings me to my SUPER AWESOME giveaway!

I am in the finals to be a Mamavation Mom, and to be able to inspire other moms out there to make healthier changes for them and for their family. I need your help though.

Go here and vote for me (@miacupcake) to be the next Mamavation Mom BEFORE noon on Monday, April 4th, and then head here and enter my giveaway! Every vote counts….!

And because you made it this far….sometimes I post a video on the bottom that may or may not have something to do with the post. I’m random like that.

In this case, it’s Party All The Time. As proof that Eddie Murphy did attempt singing, around the same time that his career was at its height, with Beverly Hills Cop 1-3.

You’re welcome for that flashback 🙂


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wendy Hagen
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 00:21:28

    Hi there! Visiting from the fake party over UBP11. I love to bake too! Glad you are getting healthy. Come party at my blog: Tales from the Motherhood and Confessions of a Former Childhood Actress.
    I also blog over at Fit Mom Fit Kids Club, which I think you will like on your quest for healthier living!
    And of course I know that song and now it will be in my head for days.


  2. Janet Smith
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 07:10:12

    Stopping by from UBP! Nice to meet you. I look forward to reading more!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  3. Gina
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 09:04:23

    It only took 20 years to suppress the memory of Eddie Murphy’s singing career. *sigh* Back to therapy….


  4. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 09:54:31

    Roller derby sounds so interesting! All I know about it is from the movie, Whip It. Which I loved. Anyway, I love that you bake a lot and give it away. I’m also trying to be healthier, and I’ve quickly realized that doesn’t exactly gel with my goal to cook more. 😉

    I’m stopping by from the UBP, and I’m glad to have met you! Have a great weekend!


  5. Homemom3
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 13:56:06

    Just wanted to drop in and say hi from the party. Cupcakes sound lovely, now I just need to figure out how to make them calorie free and I’ll be in heaven. 😉 hehe. Good luck on the Mamavation Mom. 🙂


  6. Rhea
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 14:46:36

    Hello! I’m visiting from the UBP. Good luck on mamavation! That Leah is a tough cookie!! I’m a fellow cupcake lover. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend.


  7. tiarasandtantrums
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 07:55:34

    I love to meet new blogs -thanks for visiting me on the UBP2011! you are a busy girl!! I like the name of your blog!


  8. Jessica
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 14:12:02


    How cool that you like to bake…we just recently discovered my sister-in-law does REALLY well at making cupcakes…she decorates them SO WELL!!

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I am stopping in from the Ultimate Blog Party and this is my very first year participating and this is SO VERY exciting!! LOL

    Anyhow…please stop by my blogs and follow whenever you get the opportunity:

    So Stylilized is where I am currently offering FREE Custom Blog Designs at

    And…Jessica Lil Corner is where I am blogging about family and life at

    I welcome your visit at either or both of my blogs and hope to have you stop by and follow really soon!!

    Have a very blessed day!! :0)


  9. Cady
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 08:37:05

    Your job sounds like so much FUN! I like to bake too — the only difference is I like to eat it as well, which is why I don’t bake often. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  10. Annett/Fit Moms Fit Kids Club
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 13:23:13

    Nice to meet you. I have 2 kiddos, I’m a homeschooling mom, pastors wife, a pro athlete that hates to workout LOL.. I also write a fitness blog, but I LOVE fried fatty foods. You can read more about us in my party post
    Stop by to say hello!
    I see Wendy who is one of our wonderful writers also told you about my site. She’s hilarious so I recommend you check out her personal blog too. Good luck with the healthier you!


  11. teresa
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 21:35:22

    what a great blog…Loving this party. I have am trying to read as many blogs as I can. I have already found some jewels.
    I would love to read every single one…Everyone has a story.
    Hope you will stop by…I have some extra giveaways that require nothing but a comment…


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