Running in Circles.

So, I’m new to this whole running thing. I’ve been procrastinating for entirely too long….and now I have a 5k I’m running in 5 weeks. I know the Couch to 5k takes 9 weeks, but I have been working my tuchus off for 3 weeks already, doing a lot of cardio and squats and such.

I am fully aware that this may not be the wisest decision I have ever made.

BUT! I am hell-bent and determined to haul my ass out there and run. Luckily I found a 5k on a route that’s almost COMPLETELY flat terrain, so I’m not too worried. Plus I have one of my BFFs running with me and she just ran a 15k and has no qualms about getting all “drill sergeant” on my ass, so I think I’m golden.

ANOTHER BUT! I am paranoid that I do not have the right tools to begin running, which is why I have not started yet. I have the shoes. I have some pants. I have plenty of teeshirts.

I know I am missing something.

SO! I made a survey and I would pretty much adore you for life if you are a runner, and would take it. This way, I am not pestering my running friend with all of the questions, and I get a better idea of how other people run.

ALSO! My giveaway (read: bribery for voting for me as a Mamavation Mom) has pretty low entries…so if you’ve voted already or are going to vote now….head on over here and comment away!!



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