Coloring outside the lines

Today sucked. Not gonna lie.

Chef was off at work cooking brunch for all of the other moms out there, and I was home with Chuck, sick as a dog.

Had to cancel plans with my family & scrap my hope to see Ina May Gaskin speak.

I was disappointed, at the very least.

But part of life is being sad and let down and angry and all of that….and part of who we are is how we deal with the crap parts.

You can’t shove them under the rug. You can’t wallow in them forever. You can’t dwell on it until you’re a wreck.

However, how you deal with heartache and puffy eyes and illness is up to you.

But don’t EVER let someone else tell you how to feel. Own your emotions and feel them.

Be sad if that’s what you feel. Have your big ugly sobbing cry while you talk to your friend on the phone about your stupid ex who dumped you on Valentine’s Day. Then get over it.

And to all my ladies out there in a relationship: please don’t lose your “self” while creating your “us”.

Putting on a happy face is one thing, but constantly suppressing your ideas and your joy and what makes you the big glittery YOU that you were born to be is something different. Don’t EVER dumb yourself down for ANYONE.

If they don’t like you coloring outside the lines, screw ’em.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommas out there….especially the ones living a big bright life as a great example for their babies.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra @creativebug
    May 09, 2011 @ 15:35:56

    I love it! My fave part: “But don’t EVER let someone else tell you how to feel. Own your emotions and feel them. ” Hope you’re feeling better!


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