Sometimes it sucks.

Sometimes you don’t want to get up out of bed and it seems like all of the people you encounter are cranky at you. It looks like your entire Facebook news feed and your Twitter stream and your email are full of people hating on something.

Sometimes it sucks to be you.

These are the days that you might have to try a little harder, jump a little higher, and drag your butt up off of that couch when really that spot you spent the last 2 years wearing down for yourself is so very tempting.

Sometimes you have shit that comes up and makes you just not feel like eating healthy.

Sometimes your friends keep inviting you out for ice cream, which makes you want to punch them in the jejunum, but you don’t because they are your friends and they’ll probably frown on that sort of thing.

Sometimes all you want is a Triscuit.

Sometimes you really just feel like lying in bed all day and making someone else deal with your to-do list. Sometimes your kids are screaming so loud and trying to change the channel while you do your workout DVD and you stand there while the lady on the TV jumps around and you wonder if this is all worth it.

The more you tell yourself that you’d rather be fat, the more you’ll sink back into it.

The more you say “Eh, it’s ok if I skip one day”, the more likely it is you’ll skip far more than one.

You want to be a better person. Be it for you, for your kids, for your dog, for your invisible friend. You want a better you.

And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if my ass is gonna get smaller without some effort.

As a wise man once said:

Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having,

except as a result of hard work.

Last night was my last night as a Mamavation mom. (You can check out my “finale” post here) Now comes my struggle with doing this on my own, without having to check in with anyone and without having the support of the whole Mamavation crew behind me.

This is just the beginning for me. I’m starting MMA boot camp 2x a week this week (yay for 5am!) and the Couch to 5k program so I can run a WHOLE 5k (instead of walk and run) with my BFF at the end of summer.

I’m going to be skating more, if I can ever get the Overlord to watch the baby.

I’m not stopping here. Oh no.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Megan @mnmspecial
    May 21, 2011 @ 20:00:26

    We are always behind you! Go ahead and keep checking in. We love you!!!


  2. PoM
    May 21, 2011 @ 20:16:26

    Good for you, Mia! Remember you always have a cheering section, even if it IS just online friends. You got my Twitter & my email if you need an ear, even if its just to vent. ((Hugs))


  3. tiamfr
    May 21, 2011 @ 20:21:32

    I must agree with you, I have days like those as well, one of the things that was constantly putting weight on me was junk food and when the world seems shitty like you said, I just want to go to the store and get all of my favorite pieces of junk food especially candy, but what’s the point? I am only going to hurt myself, and that is something I don’t intend to do anymore. Things will get better for you that when you go in a store and see a certain food that you have enjoyed forever, you are going to read the calories and how much fat is in there and believe me, you will put it back where you got it and you’ll pick up the healthy stuff and your day will get even better than it was before. Guess what, I have lost 21 lbs, I started out at 240 lbs and now I am 219 lbs, amazing isn’t it? You will succeed, our weight loss journey is a wonderful rewarding adventure and the results will be remarkable!!! Come to my blog and post there as well, we should keep in touch with each other.


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