The number you have reached….

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….is no longer in service.

We are partying at a new pad, people. And it’s name is I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN NOW AND I AM SO EXCITED.

So head on over to the brand spanking new Bruises in the Frosting (and don’t forget to update your Google Reader and RSS feeds to point over there) and let the party continue.


Posting on the run….

This is going to be one of the shortest posts I’ve ever written.

Started the 30 day fitness challenge on Wii Sports. I rock.

Set up a regular “hill climb time” with one of my momma friends. She rocks.

I lost a whole pound this week. That rocks.

I hope you rocked this week too 🙂

(sorry for the short post. I have stitches in my hand and about to have a houseful of people, but wanted to get this in!!)


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