I am bananas. That’s the short version.

The long version:

  • I am engaged to a terrifically patient and super talented man named “Chef” (who is actually a chef).
  • I am a proud momma to two fabulous kiddos, “Boy Wonder” (born in December 1999) and “Chuck” (born in October 2009)
  • We live with my future in-laws, Mille & Fille. That’s all I have to say about that right now.
  • I call my family The Dearests. There’s Mommy Dearest, Daddy Dearest and Bro Dearest. Think as much into that as you want, I just thought it was funny. (Plus, getting to say “NO MORE WIRE HANGARS EVARR!!!” is funny every once in a while. 🙂
  • I was chosen as a Mamavation Mom in April of 2011, which kicked off a “fitness rejuvenation”. I quit smoking and drinking soda, and started working out. I’m hoping to get back into jeans!
  • We love animals. We just got rid of the huge fish tank (the fish were all adopted, don’t worry), so we’re down to just Rosie the Ferret (plus the cat that belongs to my in-laws and their dog, Devil Dog)
  • I am obsessed with roller derby. I’m working on getting back to skating, but right now am a “non-skating official”. Who skates. Occasionally 🙂
  • I am lucky enough to be engaged to an ACTUAL chef. So I’m learning a lot about cooking from him, and teaching him a lot about how you don’t have to “plate” (read: dish out and make it all decorated and pretty) every meal.
  • I love to knit. I have buckets and buckets of yarn. However, I can only seem to knit during fall and winter. Just seems too hot of a past-time during spring and summer.
  • I bake. A lot. And I’m kind of good at it.
  • I also blog at GamerWives and BellaBellyDoulas.
  • I am quirky, funny, fiercely loyal and horribly opinionated. Read at your own risk.

All content, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by me. Please do not use my images or words without asking.


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