Sometimes, I just want some ice cream.

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It’s been a series of days where I’m fighting myself to work out, because my inner fat girl really doesn’t want to try and fail in losing weight.

The baby has been a handful and things seem to either REALLY go my way or really NOT go my way.

So my normal fallback pre-Mamavation was food. Now that I’ve made the decision to not use that, I have no fallback.

So I’ve been cleaning.

We had the organizers in. And I got rid of one pickup-truck-full and one Land-Rover-Full of stuff.

Filled the Overlord’s whole car with garbage and took it to the dump.

I’m feeling a little better after that, but still incomplete.

So I started researching doula training. I’ve wanted to train as a doula since before I got pregnant with my daughter, and had done extensive research before I started massage school, thinking that I could do both…in tandem.

So I am.

I signed up for training with the Penny Simkin school for Birth Attendants through the Seattle Midwifery School and will be taking the course from Penny herself in June.

I’m pretty thrilled to have found something that allows me to help people. Especially women in childbirth. There’s something awesome about bringing new life into the world.

I also get to hear Ina May Gaskin speak on Mother’s Day, so things are looking pretty up 🙂


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