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….is no longer in service.

We are partying at a new pad, people. And it’s name is I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN NOW AND I AM SO EXCITED.

So head on over to the brand spanking new Bruises in the Frosting (and don’t forget to update your Google Reader and RSS feeds to point over there) and let the party continue.


OOOOH! Shiny! (A Giveaway)

It’s no secret that I love shiny things.

Being a stay at home mom (for now) with a busy partner gives me virtually ZERO occasions to wear baubles and bling, but I do like to buy them for those occasions where I do get to wear shiny things and look pretty.

Enter Stella & Dot.

Not only do they have pretty shiny things, but they have some pretty wicked everyday pieces like the Garbo Link Bracelet (my favorite), the Pyramid Double Wrap Bracelet (leather and studs = down my alley) or the Heiress Hoops (in hematite) that would rock with a pair of jeans quite nicely.

But the Fall 2011 collection is STUNNING. There are so many things I would buy in this section, I think I might need to get a job to buy it all.

Like this beauty to the left. The Marchesa necklace.

I’m thinking this bad boy would look amazing with a plain white button-down shirt, a fedora hat, some boot-cut dark wash jeans and some black high-heel boots.

A mom can dream.

But turquoise really floats my boat.

The greatest thing about Stella & Dot is they do the home party thing. You provide the people and some refreshments and people like the lovely Courtney Parham come to your house and show you some pretty jewelry and you don’t have to put on public pants if you don’t want to.

And Courtney (who is an independent stylist with Stella & Dot) has been nice enough to provide a pretty sweet prize for one of my readers!

You ready for this?

She’s giving one lucky person a Revival Tassel Necklace (retail value $79)!! This necklace has been featured in Redbook and InStyle, and Rachel Ray wore it on her cooking show.

The Revival Tassel necklace has a brass chain tassel that swings from handset crystal pave balls, and a string of ivory colored beads. Designed by celebrity designer Nancy Liebowitz. (30″ length of beads. Pave balls and tassel measure approximately 6¼”.)

I have the matching bracelet and I love it….goes with everything.

Want to win it? Here’s how:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Head on over to Courtney’s website, check out what she’s got on her site and leave a comment here telling me which piece you like the best (THEY HAVE PURSES!).

Additional entries (leave a comment for each one)
**ONE ENTRY by liking “Bruises in the Frosting” on Facebook!
**ONE ENTRY by subscribing to my blog! One subscription entry per user. (Just clicky the “HECK YES” button up there in the top right corner, or subscribe on Google Reader)
** FOUR ENTRIES for every $50 of product purchased from Stella & Dot by Courtney Parham: There is no limit on the number of entries from purchasing items. For example, a purchase of $100 gives you 8 entries! After you make your purchase, be sure to post a comment on this blog to let me know what you ordered.
** ONE ENTRY by following me, @miacupcake, on Twitter and sending this tweet: “I just entered to win @miacupcake’s Stella & Dot jewelry giveaway:”. (Or something similar….you can be creative if you’d like 🙂 One Twitter entry per user per day.
** ONE ENTRY for each +K you give me on Klout! (blogging, mamavation, food…pick a subject!)

– Giveaway ends Friday, September 2 at 5pm PDT
– Must be 18 years or older
– U.S. and Canada residents only

 I didn’t receive anything for doing this giveaway or review. I won a piece of Stella & Dot jewelry from my friend over at Motherly Law and became totally obsessed with it and that’s it.

Holy Smokes.

thank you to whomever nominated me for this….you like me! You really like me!

Update: For those of you more tech savvy than me…this is supposed to be a badge that is pink and super awesome and says “Nominated for a Parents’ Mage Best Blog Award”! And I can’t make it appear. SAD. Help??


It used to kill me when someone I admired said they were disappointed in me. I would practically keen and wail and gnash my teeth and rend my garments in my agony.

I was a very dramatic teenager.

But nothing kills like being disappointed in yourself. And I am very disappointed in myself this week.

I had soda for the first time in a LONG time. I had alcohol (one tiny gin & tonic) for the first time in almost 7 months.

And I gained.

Boy, did I ever gain. I’m up 3 pounds from last week. Despite all of the walking and cleaning I did….it just isn’t enough for me to play with my kids and count that as exercise.

This is my first plateau. This is also my first actual weight loss struggle too. I was not fat until after I had my children, and I allowed myself to slide down the slippery slope of french fries and skipping breakfast and being a bad food influence on my friends and family.

I know there will be more plateaus. But I refuse to rest on this one. I won’t sit down and feel sorry for myself, like my subconscious really wants to do.

This week, I’m kicking my own butt. AND! I am starting boot camp for roller derby, so I HAVE to stick to this, I don’t have a choice.

As for the Mamavation question of the week: What qualities do you look for in a healthy breakfast? Any go-to breakfast recommendations for a busy mom?

I’m big on smoothies. I love them. Especially green smoothies. You just shove a bunch of stuff into a blender and you’re good to go. That covers me and my 11 year old. My toddler isn’t a huge fan of the smoothies, but she loves fruit. So she gets whatever fruit we’ve got in the fridge plus some whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

Still working on my fiance – he has coffee for breakfast 😉

This post is sponsored by Quaker Oats and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Quaker Oats


Roller Coaster Ride

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I love people. I’m sure that shocks you.

I love hanging out with people and talking to them and going out into public places and seeing people…I am a people person.

I’ve discovered that it’s hard work to get two kids and a fiance going and the dog out of the way and make sure that the indoor-only cat doesn’t escape and everyone into the car and make sure that I remembered Chuck’s stuffed bunny and sunscreen and a sippy cup and something to entertain Boy Wonder if we have to go somewhere that is SO BORING and it’s rough, yo.

I’m sure my SAHM posse feels my pain on this one.

It’s not easy leaving the house. And it’s so much easier some days to just hunker down in the house with a book or a board game or something not-with-a-screen to entertain the kids instead of worrying that I didn’t bring bug spray or enough snacks or whatever.

It’s a fight with myself whether or not to accept invitations to go somewhere. I would rather stay at home and play in our pool in the backyard or run through the sprinkler and not have to put on makeup or public pants.

Kind of like working out and eating right.

It’s so much easier to buy junk food. Or fast food. It’s the easy way out and I took it for years.

The easy way is usually not the gratifying and healthy way.

But, if you work hard enough at it (and I am), the healthy way BECOMES the easy way. Because it’s easier to teach your kids healthy habits now. And to give them good food so they’re fueled for some good wearing-each-other-out playing.

Being a good example is always the good way to teach your kids!

So for the Mamavation post thingy…the question of the week is What are your current technology tactics in your healthy living journey?

I’m a techno-geek. I have a tendency to go a bit overboard sometimes when it comes to gadgets and such….but so far, the best gadgets I’ve got in my weight loss journey is my pedometer and my iPhone. I use RunKeeper for my walks, a Couch-to-5K app for my Couch to 5K stuff, and MyFitnessPal for meal tracking.

I find it’s easier to do this with less stuff 🙂


This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness and I’m writing this to be entered into an Omron Fitness pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation


A “Homeschool” Summer Moment

The ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures: The Empi...

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Boy Wonder will be starting the 6th grade in a little less than a month.

I can’t believe it.

We don’t homeschool (yet), but we do believe that learning does not end when a kid leaves school. So this summer, we’ve been working on subversive learning techniques. Teaching him stuff to get him ready for middle school without him knowing we’re teaching him.

To be honest, I’m pretty sure we are not very sneaky.

BUT! My MIL (who somebody needs to come up with a better internet name for, since the other one we use to use is no longer applicable) came up with a great idea, back from the days when she used to homeschool Chef, and it’s become pretty fun at our house.

It’s called the “Anywhere and Everywhere Book”. I’ve seen it called a few different things around the internet, but that’s what we call it.

It’s a plain notebook. The first page has a list of the “authors”. And the second page starts with a sentence. Just a sentence.

Everyone in our house is required to write at least a sentence every day. You can write more, but never any less.

And you can take the story wherever you want it to go when you write.

Ours has gotten pretty funny….and we get people who come visit our house to write too!

What fun learning experiences are you doing for yourself or are you providing for your kids this summer?

Um, thanks.

Due to some rather sucky things going on in my life right now, I may be taking this blog private for a while.

I’ll be posting the password certain places for those of you who would like to still read, but for now, I’m shutting ‘er down.

CHANGE IN PLANS: I’ve made this site so it’s invisible to search engines, where I see most of my detrimental traffic is coming from. And I promise that one day, when all of this garbage is over, I’ll blog it for you guys, but now is not the time.

Hope you are all having a great Monday 🙂

You people disturb me.

Along with the name of my blog (which is super flattering that people are googling me), here are the latest Google searches to find my blog:

soaps neck brace episode (All soap operas have people with neck braces. Try watching the movie Soap Dish. You’re welcome.)

something that will make me laugh (not me, lately! Try heading to Hyperbole and a Half. She’s good for a giggle.)

labyrinth roller derby names (Ludo Chris. Hoggle Boggle. Jareth the Hobblin’ King. Feel free to take any of those.)

id rather be punching you in the jejunum (Well thank you. I will keep that in mind next time you come around.)

Life Lessons Learned from Labyrinth

Labyrinth (film)

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Because I’ve started working (from home), I don’t have as much time on my hands to idly daydream about all of the blog posts I would like to write.

However, since Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies and I just happened to find it on Netflix Instant, here is a list of 30 life lessons that you can learn while watching it:

  1. Never threaten to do something you don’t think is a good idea. Like threatening to ask the Goblin King to take your baby brother because he’s crying because he’s afraid of lightning.
  2. Ask the question you want the answer to. Don’t butter people up when you need directions. Asking why they are killing faeries is not going to find you the entrance to the Labyrinth.
  3. Don’t overlook people because of their size/age/resemblance to a wooly blue caterpillar. They could be very helpful and invite you into their caterpillar house for tea.
  4. Make sure you get all of the information before you run off into a labyrinth. Although if you do, make sure that you plan other hardships to lengthen the journey to make it suitable for a full-length feature film.
  5. Goblins make horrible babysitters. Although apparently a musical number entertains babies enough that they stop crying.
  6. David Bowie is the most badass human ever. Who else would rock waist-high skintight stirrup pants without a tuck and a haircut that resembles what would happen if I stuck my head in a food processor? Not me, that’s for sure. I have standards that include a firm “no camel toe” policy.
  7. Using what you have on your person if you find yourself lost in a strange place is very resourceful idea. But throwing it in a fit of pouty-ness is a horrible idea.
  8. Life is hard and unfair. But marching around saying how unfair it is and how hard it is just makes the rest of us roll our eyes and go do the dishes until you come to your senses or there’s another musical number.
  9. There is a way to conquer any hardship. Even something like an oubliette. You just need to not panic and use your brain. Or somebody else’s brain.
  10. Sometimes, just when you think that you’re on the right track, Jareth the Goblin King (or something/someone comparable) shows up and throws a wrench in the works. Or a ball down the hall, which makes a really scary sharp thing called “The Cleaners” which tries to chop you up.
  11. Don’t ever say something is a piece of cake. Then #10 will happen.
  12. Respect your elders. They’ve seen a lot and can help you. And they are very interesting. Even if they have a bird growing out of their head.
  13. Things aren’t always as they seem. (this ties in with #3) Sometimes things are big and loud and scary and sometimes they are Ludo.
  14. Sometimes you have to make people do things they don’t want to do. It sucks. But you pinch their nose shut and shove that ring back in their mouth and open the door. But apologize first, that apparently makes it ok.
  15. It’s not always an easy journey for the short ugly dude. Sometimes he gets stuck in servitude to the Goblin King while he’s trying to do the right thing. So while you’re off partying, don’t forget the people that helped get you there.
  16. You should probably keep your distance from anyone who has red hair and plays dice with their eyeballs. Or soccer with their head.
  17. Kissing someone who is not willing is NEVER a good idea. You could get sent to the Bog of Eternal Stench. Or jail.
  18. In life, there are bumps in the road to your goals. Like stinky bogs and tiny foxes who ride English Sheepdogs. Just handle things logically and usually it will work out.
  19. Do what you do best. Some people are fierce and tiny, others can call rocks. Everybody has their own thing.
    Jareth in his first scene

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  20. If you are hungry and someone “just happens” to be carrying fresh fruit, it’s probably not ok. It’s either smushed from wandering the labyrinth, or it’s filled with LSD and will make you think you’re in a big fluffy white dress and dancing with Jareth. Related: bubbles are not always a good thing.
  21. Just because you get to wear a big pretty dress and get your hair done doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a fairy princess of a time. i.e. my senior prom. And the masquerade party where Sarah falls through the mirror. And my friend’s wedding I missed a few weeks ago (she got appendicitis in the middle of the ceremony and spent her wedding night getting her appendix removed).
  22. Too much stuff is overwhelming. Pare it down. And if they recreate your bedroom in the middle of a garbage dump, maybe you might want to rethink your decorating scheme.
  23. When the walls are crumbling down around you, your friends are there to pull you out. Hopefully. Most of them, at least. Unless they are hiding because they are cowards and got you into that trouble in the first place.
  24. Sometimes a sneak attack is a better idea than knocking on the door and making a bunch of noise. If you make a lot of noise, the giant door-robot-knight can be alerted to your presence and make things difficult for you.
  25. Good triumphs over evil. Mostly. Even if evil has fabulous makeup and an amazing purple coat that I really want and tight pants tucked into boots.
  26. If there isn’t a way, MAKE ONE. If you’re Ludo and need a door, you just pull a wall open.
  27. When it seems like someone is just sitting there and howling, they could be calling the rocks in to save your ass. So don’t judge your friends on their visible activity level.
  28. MC Escher makes my head hurt. That’s not necessarily a life lesson, but too many rapid perspective changes make me ill. I can never watch the scene where they’re wandering in the room full of stairs trying to find the baby.
  29. Saying out loud “You have no power over me” is a powerful thing. Try it next time you’re with someone who thinks they own you. Or even when they’re not around and you’re thinking about them AGAIN.
  30. A big party is always the way to finish out a crazy adventure. So your week was a crazy adventure I bet, go have a party. Eat takeout off the good china. Whatever your brand of party is, big or small, do that for yourself tonight. 🙂
Enjoy your weekend everybody!

RIP Boingo the Cat.

Kitteh was not amused by our new addition.

The first time I came to Chef’s house, I met Boingo the cat. Well….I met him briefly, as he examined my feet, determined me unworthy of his attention and bolted.

And hid for the rest of my visit underneath the bed.

He was a Bengal cat, which may or may not have made him superior to everyone else in the house. He sure acted like it. He had a weird bend in his tail where it had broken when he was little, and a scar on his back from a lump that he had removed just after Chuck was born. He had weirdly human eyes (the pupils were round, not slit like most cats) and he loved to knock over water glasses.

He would sit on the dinner table while we ate dinner, and would try to eat off our plates. He loved Chuck (after the first few months, which he spent batting at her and looking at us, utterly bewildered), and let her pet him.

Despite the fact she was a bit exuberant about it.

He wouldn’t let me touch him with my hands, but since he had a pretty wicked foot fetish, he allowed me to touch him with my feet. He would make the “meow” action with his face, but no sound would come out sometimes. He loved to drink straight out of the faucet in the bathroom.

I’ve never seen a cat eat catnip, but this guy loved to eat it. He was our tiny fuzzy stoner.

He liked to hide and jump out at you in the dark, and would sit outside Chuck’s room when she went down for a nap and HOWL at the top of his kitteh lungs. He did not care for the ferret, and sometimes would look at you as she came running towards him with a face that said “Really? REALLY?”

He was a funny cat, and his kitteh sister and his human baby (and me) miss him terribly.

He passed away at the vet’s office this morning after a battle with an illness.

RIP dude…hope they put a lot of water glasses out for you in kitteh heaven.

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