Wedding Headache.

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I think I have reached Wedding Overload.

I subscribe to way too many wedding blogs. I have a stack of Martha Weddings, a stack of brochures from local wedding venues/vendors, and a giant Evernote account smashed full with wedding ideas, DIY how-tos and photos for inspiration.

All of which seem to be conspiring to make me feel like my wedding is never going to be as huge and as awesome and as awe-inspiring as anything you’d find in any of these places.

I don’t have childhood friends to be my MOH or bridesmaids, I don’t have family traditions to carry on in weddings. My parents don’t own a huge vineyard where they’ve been making wine for my wedding. I don’t have a huge clutch of friends who are massively creative and are doing everything for my wedding while I sit back and get pedicures for my boudoir shoot (because I don’t have a super hot body.) We don’t have a lot of cash to blow on some ginormous wedding and honeymoon.

I think the most detrimental thing for a bride on a budget to do is to overwhelm herself with the onslaught of wedding advice and information out there. It can make one feel insignificant and below-par…not unlike a fashion magazine can make a girl feel like she needs to lose a few pounds and get a nose job.

I don’t know how I’m going to reconcile the 12 year old in me who wants the big froofy dress and the army of bridesmaids and the huge party with lots of food with the practical (age unspecified) me who knows that all that costs a shitload of cash and running away to Vegas would be much cheaper.

Here’s what I do have for this wedding:

  • 3 very awesome friends who are willing to stand with me when I get married (and wear what I tell them to, knowing I would never make them wear something I couldn’t stand to look at)
  • a very loving and understanding fiance who gets that I’m having a moral dilemma about this whole wedding thing and is being VERY patient while I try to muddle through
  • a massive collective of information for if I decide to go with “wedding in front of people” vs. “wedding in front of Elvis and our kids”

And frankly, that’s all a girl can ask for. (And it’s a very good start.)


ps – used the Elvis picture because it’s my favorite. The one that had the least to do with the post was a photo of a grocery store aisle…didn’t feel right 😉


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