Sharpie Love

Standard Color Set Sharpie 8-pk

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Dear Sharpie,

I have loved your pens since I was but a wee bairn and used to use them to decorate my mother’s walls….much to her chagrin and prior to the invention of Mr Clean Magic Erasers.

I have an enormous collection of Sharpies, and use them for EVERYTHING, from writing in my dayplanner to marking numbers on the arms of derby girls to leaving (approved) graffiti in my favorite bar’s bathroom. (They ask you to do this. It’s OK.)

I even hide them from my son who is as big of a nut about using the perfect pen as I am.

I adore your writing utensils and ALMOST always have one with me….so it pains me that I got INSANELY EXCITED about your perk with Klout! And was totally denied. I was actually really upset. It was kind of ridiculous.

But without your pens, I would never have my name on nearly everything I own, the derby girls wouldn’t be numbered correctly, and my backpack in the 10th grade wouldn’t have been as fun.

So if you find an extra fun pack of your pens lying around, I’d be happy to take it off your hands and even happier to share your decorating/writing/doodling goodness with the next generation of the Cupcake Clan.

Love and ink stains,


Disclaimer: nobody gave me anything to write this. I just really really really love Sharpies and it’s kind of an obsession and I was honestly really sad that I didn’t get the Sharpie Klout perk.


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