Better late than never….

HI!! Sorry, I haven’t totally forgotten about my blog. I’ve just been SUPER SUPER busy. With what? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a small sample of what has kept me from blogging:

1. My phone. It no longer has room for the blogging application. So, this means I have to locate a computer. We do have 3 very handy computers in this house, but only problem is Mille and Fille (my future in-laws, for those of you just joining us) are usually taking up all three. So I’ve located a seldom-used laptop, downloaded this application and ave yet another way to escape having to spend too much time with my in-laws.

2. Cake. Lots and lots of cake. You can check the fan page for my cake obsession to see what I’ve been up to! (Also known as Mia Cupcake’s!). I’ve been busy learning and baking and creating, so that eats up a lot of time.

3. Children. I’ve got two of them. So I’m busy.  Also, Chuck (my 10 month old daughter) has now learned to pull herself up on things, so that keeps me off the couch and in a constant state of  OMIGOD. Luckily, she hasn’t hurt herself too bad, but she’s going to be my fearless child, whereas her brother Short Stack has more caution when it comes to everything.

4. Chef. He requires some tending to, as he is my other (and sometimes “better”) half. Still haven’t gone out on a date since we went to see Alice in Wonderland in theatres…..should probably get on that one.

5. Cancer-y Stuff. Even though my doctor called and said that the diagnosis wasn’t as serious as he first thought (which means there’s a possibility I will NOT have to have a hysterectomy! WOOT), I still requested a referral to one of the gyn/oncologists at the UW. I would rather be safe than sorry….when someone won’t look you in the eye when giving you bad news and is  more apt at delivering babies than telling someone their babymaker broke, you should get that second opinion, just to be safe.

6. Cleaning Stuff. I have come to the realization (after Mille has nagged at me the entire time I’ve lived here) that I have a lot of stuff. An overwhelming amount of stuff. In order to start anew in a new place with just Chef and the kids, I’d like to prune my things. Like a fruit tree no longer producing fruit, I’d like to cull the crap I’ve hauled from failed relationship to failed job to failed happenstance and back again. I’m planning to pare down to the essentials (plus some memorabilia…can’t throw EVERYTHING away, but I’m hardly bound for a Hoarders episode) and prep to move the hell out of here as quickly as possible 🙂

6. Life. Life is busy stuff, man. Between baking cupcakes and cakes, tending to one’s offspring, making sure said offspring and one’s fiance (and sometimes, even one’s self) have clean clothes to wear and food to eat, and watching the sunsets on our back deck and swimming in the crazy pool in our backyard and avoiding the opinions of my future in-laws and laughing so hard my eyes dry out and watching my son play with his sister and explaining why he can’t learn how to drive right now or have a cell phone of his own (or an iPad or a laptop…) is all very very time-consuming.

So you’ll have to forgive me for being a little absent lately.

Since I’ve purloined a laptop (and all proceeds from “playing with cake” are going towards getting me my own laptop!), I will be blogging MUCH more often. Going to shoot for at least 3 times a week, but knowing how much I talk, I can probably bang out 5 or 6 entries a week. I’m going to be giving some stuff away, talking a lot more about wedding stuff and cake stuff, and probably posting some really super cute pictures of my kids.

As always, you can listen to my mini ramblings on my Twitter account as well.

Happy Tuesday to you and yours!


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